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Your furniture is one of the big investments in your home. So when choosing who will clean your upholstery make sure they have the experience and knowledge to give you confidence in them.


We Have Over 28 Years Of Upholstery Cleaning Experience


Over the years we have cleaned all kinds of fabrics and encountered many different kinds of stains. This experience is invaluable when it comes to deciding which is the best way to clean a particular fabric type or treat a specific stain.


We Only Clean Upholstery And Carpets


Local Carpet Cleaners are not an office, domestic, window, or general cleaning company. We are specialists and our sole purpose is great upholstery cleaning for happy customers.


When Your Upholstery Cleaner Arrives


he will select the appropriate cleaning system to use based on the type of upholstery, degree of soiling, wear and tear, and fabric your furniture is made of. Our unique professional upholstery cleaning system includes a specially formulated pH-balancing solution that removes odour and deep down dirt, completely revitalising and cleaning your sofa & chairs.


Our Professional Technicians Are Specially Trained


In the care of all fabric types, even the most delicate, so you can feel comfortable in knowing they'll choose the proper upholstery cleaning solution for your furniture. Using a comprehensive range of upholstery cleaning tools to gently clean folds and crevices, they'll ensure the entire 3 piece suite is completely clean.

When upholstery is cleaned properly it takes longer to dry than carpets so make sure you do not need to use your furniture on the day it is cleaned. You might also want to ask about stain protection for your 3 pc suite.